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14 Windows

14 Windows

14 Windows has unique vision. All songs are a single guitar, and each is prefaced with a monologue about the story of each piece, narrated by Paul.

Monologue locations range from studio, radio,live and field recordings. These reveal his personal experiences in a very tangible way. The music becomes each subject, hence a window, because you know exactly what the notes are describing/seeing.


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Roy Williams, Executive Producers of 14 Windows:

The first-ever music CD to be commissioned by the Wizard, 14 Windows is a journey into the language of notes and rhythms, with guitarist Paul Finley serving as tour guide.

It was July 14, 2002. Pennie and I were among the milling crowd waiting for Dave and Amy Nevland to emerge from the clutches of the wedding photographer when marvelous music began to sparkle in the air above our heads. I went in search and found it coming from a nearly invisible fellow sitting at the edge of the crowd. The late Ray Charles once said, “The way I see it, we’re actors, but musical ones. We’re doing it with notes, and lyrics with notes, telling a story.” Ray Charles would have deeply loved the guitar of Paul Finley.

Like any other collection of instrumental music, 14 Windows is a series of poignant stories told in the language of notes and rhythms. But unlike any other collection, each of these 14 songs is preceded by a bonus track in which the artist shares with you the details of the moment that inspired the song.

You’ll hear, first in his own words and then through his guitar, this introverted young musician’s delighted surprise when a beautiful young woman, Ginger, agrees to go on a date with him. You’ll hear his thoughts and musical feelings about the little town in Wisconsin where he spent his childhood. And you’ll hear his joy at the 50th anniversary celebration of his parents. You’ll hear the colorful stories of 6 By The Pool, Valentine’s Day, Out Of Body, Stillhouse Hollow and several other life experiences.

A second breakthrough aspect of this CD is that Paul Finley pioneers in it a technique he calls “melody strumming” that produces the effect of several guitars playing across, over and through each other. You’ll find it hard to believe, but none of the songs on this CD were overdubbed with harmonies, melodies, or rhythmic accompaniment. Every bit of it is just one guy telling us fabulous stories through one amazing guitar.

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Want to play along? A list of song tunings by CD.

The Butterfly

March 2009 – Tunings and instrument used.

  1. Breathe D A d g a d’ ( Capo 9th fret )
  2. Arise – D G d g a d’ ( Capo 7th fret )
  3. Mayim –  C# G# c# f# g# c’# ( 12 string, Capo 5th fret )
  4. The Bloodhound – C# G# c# f# g# c’# ( 12 string, Capo 5th fret )
  5. Michele – standard ( Capo 5th fret )
    Mary, ’91 Gibson J-30, Larivee, Kramer Focus 3000
  6. Sydney – Drop D
    Mary, Gibson ’75 Flying V
  7. Winter Hill Waltz – D A d g a d’
    ’91 Gibson J-30, Oscar Schmidt auto harp
  8. Advent Meditation – D A d g a d’ ( Capo 9th fret )
  9. The Wizard – C G d g a d’ ( Capo 2nd fret )
    ’91 Gibson J-30
  10. Adam & Eve – B1 G d g a d’ ( 5 string capo 7th fret )
  11. Wilson’s Smile – C# G# c# f# g# c’# ( 12 string )
  12. Metamorphosis – C# G# c# f# g# c’# ( 12 string, Capo 5th fret )
  13. Sunflower River Blues – C G c g c’ e’
  14. Send In The Clowns – D A d g a d’
  15. You – standard

14 Windows

July 2004

  • Golden – drop D ( D A d g b e’ )
  • Spirit of Autumn – E B B f# g# c#’
  • Never A Lake Of Fire – C G d g a d
    changes midway to G1 G d g a d
  • Song For Ginger – standard tuning
  • Renata’s Gig – C G d g a d ( Capo 2nd fret )
  • 6 By The Pool – standard ( Capo 7th fret )
  • Irene – open C ( C G c g c’ e’ )
  • Thanks For The Party – drop D
  • Stillhouse Hollow – drop D
  • Farewell…. – standard ( capo 12th fret )
  • Wilmore – D A d g a d ‘
  • Out Of Body – D A d g a d’
    to D A d f# a d’
    to D A d f a d’
    to C A d f a d’
    to Bb A d f a d’
  • Valentines Day – standard
  • Willow City Loop – drop D

A. D .

October 2002

  • Easter Song – standard
  • Victory Dance – C G D g a d’
  • Sedona – D A d g b e’ ( drop D )
  • Warren’s Pillow – standard
  • Immaculate Heart – standard, capo 2nd fret
  • I Am With You – standard
  • Behold – double neck baritone/6 string guitar baritone – A D G C E A
    guitar – drop D
  • Wedding – drop D
  • 3 AM Surprise – standard, lots of electric tracks!
  • Vacuum – standard
  • Chipmunk – standard
  • Do You? – D A d f# a d’
  • Drop D Me – drop D ( get it? )
  • Lament For Bloodlines – drop D
  • Minuet For Handmade – standard, capo 7th fret
  • Whiskey/Boy – drop D
  • Wolf Song – a wolf played this song, how should I know the tuning ?

Spoken Groove “When Lego’s Learn To Love”

May 2006

  • Thrill of the Moment – Drop D
  • In Love With Your Sound – C G d g a d’
  • Movin’ With The Groove – standard
  • Monet #3 – D a d g a d’
  • Beauty Queen – standard
  • #100 – standard
  • Many Sighs – standard
  • Climbing Out Of – standard
  • #27 (mandolin) – gg dd aa ee
  • Breakaway – D A d g a d’
  • Spoken Without Words – standard
  • The Little Tree – D A d g a d’
  • Vanity of Vanity – standard

(tracks 5 and 10 omitted)


Spoken Groove “Acoustic Spoken Groove”

September 2003

  • Funk Infection – standard
  • Shake – standard
  • All So Cliche‘ – standard
  • The Flobgob – standard
  • Harley Girl – drop D
  • Never A Lake Of Fire – C G d g a d’
    changes midway to G1 G d g a d’
  • George – D A d f a d’
  • Deep Sea Creature – drop D
  • Flow – standard
  • Rashi & Me – standard
    changes to E G d g b e’ for ending jam
  • Mary Poppins – G G d g b e’
  • #36 – standard
  • Wilmore – D A d g a d’
  • Descent Of The Moon – standard

Peter Nevland Band “Birth Of The Spoken Groove” (Spoken Groove)

May 2003

  • Harley Girl – drop D
  • Descent Of The Moon – standard

Peter Nevland “Late Bloomer” (Spoken Groove)

May 2002

  • Night Longings – drop D
  • Rain – D A d g a d’


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