Meet Marge – 12 String Guitar


“Marge” a 2007 Taylor 354ce, serial # 20071114023, purchased in January 2008.

It was an outer space experience the first time I played her at Strait Music in my now home of Austin, Texas. That same outer space experience continued the 2nd & 3rd times too before I purchased it. It is a writing tool extraordinaire!! Oceans of sound.

A HUGE sound!

Whoever invented the 12 string should get a medal for being extraordinarily cool.

A trick I often do w/Margie is capo at the 5th fret in the tuning of C#G#C#F#G#C#. This is a fantastic balance of bass, middle & treble. The melodies I often play on the middle 2 strings, the lower strings work the bass range, and the top strings work as drones or harmonies. 3 parts-that’s the key to a full sound.

I employ the capo like this on “The Bloodhound”, “Mayim” & “Metamorphosis” on The Butterfly.

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