Student testimonials

Teaching guitar is something I’ve done since 1986. I’ve learned from so many masters-how to play as well as teach! Even from my students themselves I learn what they look for in an instructor.

My son has grown as a musician and as a person through knowing Paul. His lessons are relaxed and conversational in tone yet the quality of the instruction is exceptional. We know other students who worked with Paul who are now musical leaders among their peers. I cannot have higher praise for Paul and I am so glad we found this teacher.” 

“I began my lessons with Paul as a beginner, and he taught me to play beyond my own expectations. He always knows just the right song to work on next to develop new skills. Each song builds on the other. And “lessons” with Paul became my favorite playing time of the week. I have recommended Paul as an instructor to many.”

For lesson queries email me at: paul3hawks@gmail.com 


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