Southwest Tour Wrap Up – July 2, 2014

June 2014
Pyramid rock in Gallup, New Mexico. Canyon in foreground is one of my “holy places” I be sure to say hello to each visit. It always gives and reveals a little more each time.

After two weeks thru Lubbock, Albuquerque, Gallup and San Angelo, I returned to Austin on June 22. Travels were beautiful.

TX has had much rain-wildflowers were blooming even up in the panhandle. New Mexico on the other hand is in terrible drought with a visible wildfire outside of Gallup.

A highlight each year is spending time with the residents, mostly Native American at Villa Guadalupe nursing home in Gallup; a ministry of The Little Sisters of The Poor. I play music for daily masses-seeing the joy in the faces of the nuns and residents (they don’t have music like this often)….well that was pure gold. Also I’ll play a music program for them. You should hear them sing the Wolf Song! Seeing them loosen up and be children once again. The smiles on them, staff, and me too of course…priceless. This ridiculous song has brought the world so much joy. I spend much time with the residents, listening, learning and smiling. I am loved like a son.

A close call with my van turned out as good as one could hope-the water pump failed and thankfully a reputable mechanic (Leyba’s Auto Clinic) was within walking distance of the nursing home (where I also stayed). Gallup is a small town so I was worried about getting parts on time as well. All was fixed, ahead of schedule.
 June 2014

No this is not Sasquatch, but my shadow on New Mexico earth. Note the flute in the backpack-truly a happy hiker.


Performances were good including a last minute set for the Gallup Art Crawl. A BIG thank you to my friend Priya Sudarsanam for being the liaison for almost everyone Gallup it seemed. Numerous hikes in the area proved to be as magic as ever. Despite sand fleas that itched like fire and record high winds it was always the pure joy of discovery at every turn. I am at home in Indian country.

June 2014

An area known as “the waterfall” to ranchers near Fence Lake, New Mexico. A large rock outcropping there holds many treasures such as this beauty.

Spent a few days on the ranch of Danny Stokes near Fence Lake NM. Thousands of acres lay all directions and we covered a few indeed. Exploring an area they call the waterfall-it has many Anasazi petroglyphs upon the boulders. Nearby was a dwelling area-you find pottery shards everywhere, and down the way was likely a hunting ground. All this in his “backyard”. I’m hooked! Also of note were accounts from several people of cattle mutilations and other unexplainable moving lights over the years there. Freaky to hear first hand. Regardless I’m still hooked!!

Also stay w/my godmother and cousin in Albuquerque. Much exploration of the incredible landscape and people of New Mexico, I’m falling in love with that place.


Some recording in San Angelo, TX for Daniel Makins upcoming release was wonderful. He moves to TN soon. We recorded in his beautiful and near empty house. That record will be a sweet document of his home there. On the way home through Llano, Texas I caught up with Harriet Myrick and we ended up jamming for a few hours. This trip showered magic right to the very end. I am humbled and in awe of creation and the kindness of the Creator.

Ready to repeat!

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