Butterfly Intro’s

(Song descriptions in audio & visual format for tracks on The Butterfly.)

water-kd8c“A stream was welling up out of the earth and was watering all the surface of the ground”. Book of Genesis

Intro to track #3 “MAYIM”

[bd_jplayer mp3=”http://www.paulfinleymusic.com/mp3/Mayim-intro.mp3″ ogg=””]


Meet Michele…..

Michele Miller

Intro to track #5 “Michele”

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The Wizard, himself!

roy h williams public speaking

Intro to “THE WIZARD”

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Wilson’s actual smile!! From track #12 “WILSON’S SMILE”


My buddy Wilson Tan from Singapore


This is John Fahey, composer of “Sunflower River Blues”.

He did a great service to American music by introducing American Folk songs and styles to concert level audiences.


Intro to track #13 “SUNFLOWER RIVER BLUES”

[bd_jplayer mp3=”http://www.paulfinleymusic.com/mp3/Sunflower-intro.mp3″ ogg=””]


St. Mary’s-Hardington. Somerset, England


Description for track #15 “YOU”

St. Mary’s Hardington in Somerset England. This church dates back to the late 800’s (yes that EIGHT).

I recorded “You”, the last track on my CD “The Butterfly” in this church in 2007, during time off from the Soul Survivor Festivals Peter & I (Spoken Groove) played at in 2005-2007. The natural reverb within church is what you hear on the recording. This is one of my most favorite places on earth to spend time playing in. Many thank you’s to the Coates family who lived on this property at the time!

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