Midwest Tour Wrap Up – 2014

14-9-01 Faith TreeThings turned out amazingly well considering I only planned this two week solo tour 6 weeks in advance, as previous plans had to change.  I played in Dallas TX, Edmund OK, Joplin MO and my hometown of Waukesha WI.

It was wonderful driving these routes again after many years away. In 2002-2007 I traveled to these places dozens of times with Spoken Groove, so I reunited with many old friends and places.

Photo: Joplin Missouri.
I’ll call this the “Faith Tree”. This was in the path of the tornado, which cut the town in half. If a tree was left standing they often were stripped bare. 3 years later, now, thankfully some people had a great idea and brought back life from destruction.

Helpers at the shows took on the form of a 10 year old girl, my nephew, wait staff, and other performers, etc. This kind of help was a specific prayer request and it was beautiful to see who chose to get involved. Also implemented was the grace on my part to ASK for help.


The van performed without a hitch. Driving tours by myself takes more consideration to do things wisely and safely. Such as staying healthy and in good form, not falling asleep at the wheel. I don’t need to conquer the entire world today. I am learning this new rhythm better now after recent years of solo tours. To admit my limits has taken so many years…

Photo: Special people in Waukesha, Wisconsin. 
The Kinart family. My old bosses and life long friends. It means the world to me to have people you once worked a job with some 20 years ago, and they return with the warmth of extended family. August 9, 2014 at Sprizzo Cafe.
14-9-01 The Kinart Family in Waukesha

The first week was a challenge as most of the traveling and playing was in this period. Many magic moments kept popping up the entire tour. I think of the uncanny timing in many forms, provision of rest and rest areas, playing for hurting souls including my own, seeing my old bosses who had such love in their hearts, watching a community heal in spontaneous song, and encouraging and being encouraged by old and new relationships alike.

Who is giving to whom? Oh how this line is beautifully blurred when God is in the middle of it!


O.K. have you ever felt done for? This little angel sure did it to me. This is my grand niece “Zami”. My great uncles were musicians, too, so history shall repeat itself once again.
14-9-01 My Grand Niece Zami

Time at home in Wisconsin (where I was born and raised) was beautiful and bittersweet. My father has Parkinson’s and it’s progressed a lot this year. He is happy and in good spirits. It is beautiful to see my parents married for 61 years and they are still in love and worry for each other and their children same as they always have. They need prayer in their sunset years.

The Wisconsin landscape absolutely wooed to me like the fairest of maidens. A work of art in each breeze. Oh how I wish I could get YOU to see!!! Green flowing and waving from the trees like the sweetest song of God. He sings the finest Aria every time I watch the trees. How can such talent and genius exist?

Genesee Depot QuarryAnd yet it is but his handiwork! The Presence swims all around for the pure delight of it’s own gift. No reason perhaps? Or multifaceted? Just for the joy of it? Maybe so.

I understand this when I play.

And so we live,


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